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Bright and Beautiful: 3 Tips on How to Choose Makeup for Pale Skin

Are you struggling to find the perfect makeup for pale skin? These 3 tips will help you find the right fit. Read on to learn how to find your palette and brand.

Makeup for pale skin

Estée Lauder conducted a study which showed that around 77% of women wear the wrong color foundation for their skin tone.

If you’re pale, then you’ll know the struggle of buying foundation which looks great in the shop but makes you look like a washed out ghost at home or in pictures.

Are you struggling to find the perfect makeup for pale skin? These 5 tips will help you find the right fit. Read on to learn how to find your palette and brand.

1. Figure Out Your Skin Type

Before you even visit a beauty store, you need to work out your skin type. Most of us will very much know our skin type already as we’ll have issues with acne or dry patches.

Others will be blessed with smooth skin which is never a problem. Alternatively, are you prone to acne or have extra oil on your skin?

If this is the case and you want to reduce the shine, try our Pro Powder Foundation which is oil-free and 2-in-1 with a powder. You’ll find it fits like a second skin but absorbs oil all day long.

2. Work Out Your Undertones Ahead of Time

Drug store lighting doesn’t help you work out your skin’s undertones so make sure to do this before you visit.

Do you have warm or cool undertones? This can be worked out by looking at your skin – do you have a peachy, yellow, or golden glow? Then you have warm undertones.

Or do you have cool undertones and see pink, red and blue? Look at your veins to work this out and ask for second opinions so you don’t get it wrong.

If all colors look great against your skin then you have neutral undertones and can get away with a lot more than your peers.

After you’ve worked this out, choose a yellow-based foundation for a warm complexion and pink-based one for a cool one.

A yellow foundation on a cool pale skin will stand out straight away so make sure to give your new makeup a test drive before you buy it.

3. How Much Coverage do You Need?

Do you suffer from acne or do you need to wear make-up all day? Then a long-wear foundation is right for you.

However, for many, this can feel too heavy on your face. So, consider choosing a make-up which is sheer or offers medium coverage.

Remember, you can always build up your face with other products such as concealer and bronzer if necessary.

Consider watching YouTubers such as Zoella compare foundation coverages so you know exactly what a sheer option looks like compared to a full-face option.

Finding the Perfect Makeup for Pale Skin Takes Time

Finding the perfect makeup for pale skin can take time. However, by following these three points you’ll know what to look for when faced with a wall of foundation options.

Try out a few different options and stick with the best one you can find. Don’t give up the search until you have the perfect foundation for your pale skin!

Check out our Cream Foundation and you may find that you can end the search right now.

Written by Charlotte

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